Summer Activities in Breckenridge

Before reading about what to do in Breck during the summer, we feel we should warn you that once you visit during the summer you might not leave. It’s a scientific fact that the full-time population of Breckenridge has grown throughout the years, due to locals that came for just “one” winter and were unable to leave the utopia that we call summer. It’s true: long-distance relationships, law school applications and parents of these young souls have been left asking, “why?”

We will do our best to explain the reason behind this migration, but it’s best if you come discover and explore; maybe you can help us pinpoint the “why.” Do us a favor, tag #BreckBecause in your photos on social media while you are here. With your help, we can determine the real reason behind this phenomenon.

We hope you can physically make it home to the people who love you, but leave us in a Breck state-of-mind. Become a local with help from the BreckConnection, which features hometown stories, where to stay, scoops and highlighted can’t miss experiences from those who know Breck best.

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