Bike Map

The Breckenridge and Summit County Hiking and Biking Trail Map is the most up to date and thorough guide to the local roads and single tracks in and around Breckenridge and southern Summit County. Proceeds from the sale of the trail map go directly to trail building and open space maintenance efforts. The map is available via the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main St.) or at local retailers.

These maps illustrate many of the biking trails in Summit County accessible from Breckenridge. This area is an incredibly special place, offering a wide variety of experiences for all types of users. These trails are a rare resource, maintained for your enjoyment at great effort. Please – enjoy them as we do, but before you do, take a minute to consider your obligation as both a participant and guardian of this amazing experience. Your help caring for the trails will ensure that they remain a wonderful experience for all.

Please follow all signs, respect private property, stay on the trail, never litter, be courteous, pick up after your dog, and remember, while these routes represent one of life’s great joys, you still use them at your own risk.

Full Size Map:

This is an example of the full view map of the trails.

One Bike Trail Example:

This is an example of one trail map of the Peaks/Gold Hill/Bike path loop.

Another Bike trail Example:

This is an example of one trail map of the Blair Witch trail loop.

The maps above are only samples of what you will receive when you purchase the full version.