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Barney Ford Victorian Home - 111 East Washington Ave.
Open year-round; visit for current schedule
* The Barney Ford Victorian House honors Barney L. Ford, an escaped slave who prospered and became a prominent entrepreneur and black civil right leader in Colorado. Born into slavery in 1822, Ford was instilled with the importance of learning to read by his mother, who inspired his lifelong quest for education. The Barney Ford House was built in 1882 by prominent craftsman, Elias Nashold, for Ford, his wife Julia and their three children. Today, the Barney Ford House has been restored to its original Victorian style and each room in the home is dedicated to a different part of Barney’s life.

Edwin Carter Discovery Center - 111 N. Ridge St.
Open year-round; visit for current schedule
* Edwin Carter came to Breckenridge in 1868 seeking gold and fortune, but his goals changed when he saw the devastation mining had on the environment and local wildlife. Carter became a taxidermist and collected Rocky Mountain animal specimens in his museum, which doubled as his home. After his death, his collection of almost 3,300 specimens formed the nucleus of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The rehabilitated center honors the life and legacy of Carter, featuring interactive exhibits, a hands-on taxidermy workbench, a children's room and a theatre and is the recipient of several awards.

Summit Ski Exhibit - 308-B S. Main St.
Open year-round; visit for current schedule
* This exhibit celebrates the first 100 years of skiing in Summit County and provides a colorful look into the history of skiing. While people had been skiing in Breck since they settled here, it wasn’t until the late-1900s that the town became a skiing destination. After the end of major mining operations in the 1940s, hardy souls prevented Breckenridge from becoming a ghost town. In December, 1961, Breck became Colorado’s first ski town with the opening of the Breckenridge Ski Area. Today, visitors can watch a ski documentary with local experts, see vintage equipment and clothing (including "Snurfer" skis!) and learn about the 10th Mountain Division.

High Line Railroad Park - 189 Boreas Pass Road
Open seasonally; visit for current schedule
* Engine No. 9 was one of a pioneering set of locomotives that used narrow-gauge rail to navigate the high and dangerous mountain terrain of Colorado. A true icon of railroad heritage — Engine No. 9 — represents the life-blood that enabled Colorado mining communities to survive and thrive in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At that time, massive rotary snowplow machines with giant snow-blowing blades were used to clear snow from the railroad tracks. Today, you can see Engine No. 9 on the original High Line track that came into Breckenridge from Boreas Pass and a restored rotary, one of only five known narrow-gauge rotaries still in existence.

Red, White & Blue Fire Museum - 308 N. Main St.
Open year-round; visit for current schedule
* In 1880, the all-volunteer Breckenridge Fire Department was created in response to the treat of a major town fire. Breck was growing rapidly and with boardwalks, commercial business and homes constructed of log and wood, even the occasional small blaze was potentially catastrophic. The department soon boasted three companies; the Red, White and Blue! Through the years, the Breckenridge Fire Department was composed of miners, teamsters, saloon-keepers, merchants and others who worked side-by-side as equals to defeat the “fire demon.” The current fire museum displays an original human-powered ladder cart, a restored hose cart as well as firefighting equipment and uniforms from the first companies

Historic Walking Tour of Breckenridge
Tours offered year-round; visit for current schedule and pricing
* Take a tour though Breckenridge's nationally recognized historic district with a local expert! Learn about historic businesses and families and view several of the earliest buildings in town, from log cabins to stately residences. Along the way, hear stories about the gold seekers, hardy souls, and socialites who lived in Breck more than 100 years ago.

Victorian Tour & Tea
* Tours offered year-round; visit for current schedule and pricing
Take a tour through Breckenridge's nationally recognized historic district with a local expert! Learn about the life of Katie Briggle, Breck's leading lady at the turn of the century and hear stories about life in a prosperous mining town. At the end of the tour, explore the restored Briggle home and enjoy a Victorian tea service and treats in the house.

Breckenridge Haunted Tour
Tours offered year-round; visit for current schedule and pricing
* Join us for a late evening stroll through Breckenridge's haunted historic district. Along the way, the eerie and unexplained stories from the town’s rough and uncertain past will be told, but remain unexplained! This fascinating tour includes a visit to the restored William H. Briggle Victorian home; was that a chilling breeze or did you just meet the spirit of Katie Briggle?

Behind Swinging Doors Saloon Tour
Tours offered year-round; visit for current schedule and pricing
* In 1880, Breckenridge was home to 18 saloons! Learn about these historic businesses and the hardy souls who worked and frequented them. Visit several establishments that have survived in some form since the early days and sample the spirits of the modern-day Breckenridge Distillery (when available). Souvenir distillery flasks are available at a discounted rate!

Tombstone Tales at Twilight Tour
Tours offered seasonally; visit for current schedule and pricing
* Hear tales of Breck's past from beyond the grave and see the ornate hand-carved gravestones that represent some of the town’s earliest art and written history. Stroll through the historic Valley Brook Cemetery and hear fascinating stories of Breckenridge's earliest inhabitants. See their final resting places and learn the details of their rich and full lives or untimely demise.

Breckenridge Tours
Take 1 of 6 tours ranging from Ghostly Tales, English Tea, Strange but True, Wild West Tour, A Taste of Ghoslty Breckenridge to Voices From the Grave.  For more information and tickets visit:

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