Parking In Breckenridge

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is prohibited in all Town of Breckenridge operated parking lots between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the months of November through April, each year. Parking restrictions are strictly enforced. Other restrictions may apply. Always check signs before parking! We do offer overnight parking at the Ice Arena and Satellite Lots for a nominal fee.



Short Term Lots - 3 Hour parking

Icehouse Lot
48 parking spaces
2 designated handicapped
Location: 100 Block of Ski Hill Road
Access: 100 Block of Ski Hill Road
Advantages: Centrally located, near restaurants & shopping on Main Street.

Exchange Parking Structure
97 parking spaces
3 designated handicapped
Location: 100 block Ridge Street
Access: 100 block Ridge Street or 100 block Lincoln Avenue
Advantages: Centrally located, near restaurants & shopping on Main Street.

Tonopah Lot
60 parking spaces
2 designated handicapped
Location: 400 block Ridge Street
Access: 400 block Ridge Street
Advantages: South location for La Cima Mall shopping & restaurants, easy access to Main Street and Breckenridge Station.

Courthouse Lot
45 parking spaces
2 designated handicapped spaces
Location: 100 block Lincoln Avenue
Access: 100 block Lincoln Avenue or 100 block Wellington Road
Advantages: Centrally located, near restaurants & shopping on Main Street.

Barney Ford Lot
28 parking spaces
Location: 100 block Washington Avenue
Access: 100 block Washington Avenue from Main Street
Advantages: Centrally located, near restaurants & shopping on Main Street and the Arts District.

Various Streets

Main Street, Ridge Street, French Street. 3-hr parking in designated areas.

Long Term Lots - All day parking

French Street Lot
34 parking spaces
1 designated a handicapped space
Location: 100 block French Street between Washington and French Avenue.
Access: 100 block French Street.
Advantages: Across from St. Mary's Catholic Church, this lot is utilized mostly during church services or special events.

Klack Placer Lot
73 parking spaces
2 designated handicapped
Location: 400 block French Street
Access: 400 block French Street
Advantages: Next to Carter Park.

Ice Rink Lot
157 parking spaces
4 designated handicapped spaces
Location: 100 block Boreas Pass Road
Access: 100 block Boreas Pass Road
Advantages: Next to the Steven C. West Ice Arena. Serves as Overnight Parking (permit required). Excellent employee parking. Transportation via FREE RIDE Blue Route. NO OVERSIZE VEHICLES OR TRAILERS.

Satellite Parking
600 spaces
Location: 12000 block Coyne Valley Road
Access: 12000 block Coyne Valley Road at HWY 9
Advantages: Parking for skiing access via the FREE RIDE Yellow Route and the Breckenridge Ski Area bus service. Designated parking for oversize vehicles and trailers.


Procedure for Obtaining a Self -Serve Overnight Permit:

Permits for overnight parking in the Ice Rink Lot can be obtained anytime at our 24 hour self-serve permit station located just inside the front entrance of Town Hall at 150 Ski Hill Road. We also have a 24 hour self-serve kiosk located at the Police Department on 150 Valley Brook Street.

Please Note: All Oversized Vehicles such as RVs and vehicles hauling trailers MUST BE PARKED AT THE SATELLITE LOT. The permit is the same as for the Ice Rink Lot. The cost is $5.00 per night.

Please complete the vehicle information on the permit stub in full, including your local contact phone number in case of an emergency. The stub will accompany payment and the top portion must be displayed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle. If you are parking a trailer and don't have a dash board you might need to tape your permit to the bumper or another visible location. Place your payment and the permit stub in the yellow envelopes provided. Deposit the envelope in the payment box.

The Ice Rink Lot is located on Boreas Pass Road one block off of Highway 9/Main Street. Maps to the Ice Rink Lot are available at the permit station in Town Hall or click here. The lot is patrolled by the Breckenridge Police Department. The Free Ride bus stop is on the north side of the Ice Rink Lot on Boreas Pass Road. The Blue Route returns north into town.

Cost: $5.00 per passenger vehicle per night.

Rules & Regulations:
Overnight camping or sleeping in vehicles is not permitted.
One permit per vehicle.
Parking is allowed by permit only.
The permit must be purchased in advance for the estimated number of nights the vehicle will be parked.
No refunds will be issued.
Permits must be visible. If the permit is not visible, the vehicle is subject to ticketing and or towing at the owner's expense.
Dumping of refuse or RV holding tanks is not permitted.
The lot is not to be used for long-term storage of private vehicles.
No animals may be left unattended in the lot at any time.
Acceptance of permit relieves the Town of Breckenridge of any responsibility for damages to, or loss of vehicle, it's contents or accessories.
There is a 14 night limit for overnight parking.


Pay parking is available from November to April.

Need convenient parking for downtown shopping, dining or quick access to the Breckenridge Ski Area? Park in one of four pay parking lots centrally located in town. The F-Lot, Tiger Dredge Lot, East Sawmill Lot, and Wellington Lot offer hourly or all day parking from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The Town of Breckenridge offers FREE day parking in these lots from May through October.

Please follow the directions on the pay machine to obtain a parking coupon, place the parking receipt on the dash so it is viewable from the outside, and lock your vehicle.

Parking fees are as follows: F-Lot and Tiger Dredge Lot: $3.00 per hour or $12.00 all day East Sawmill and Wellington Lots: $3.00 per hour or $15.00 all day

Pay parking is also available at the North Gondola Lot, South Gondola Lot, Beaver Run, and Peak 8 Lots through the Breckenridge Ski Area. Contact the Ski Area for rates and more information. Please call 970.453.5000 for more information.

Please park only in designated spaces and remember all vehicles must have a parking receipt displayed, including vehicles with handicap permits.

Overnight parking in most town parking lots is strictly prohibited. Before parking in any parking lot, check all signage for restrictions.


Please Note: There is no parking at the base of Peak 8.

Daily Parking Information:

Gondola South Lot, Gondola North Lot, & Gold Rush Lot:
Monday thru Thursday - $5
Friday thru Sunday plus Holidays - $10
(Holidays are 12/26/11 thru 12/31/11 and 3/19/11 thru 3/23/11)

Save with Parking Packs:
Pre-paid 5 pack - $35
Pre-paid 10 pack - $60

Car Pool Incentives:
Drive up with 4 or more people in your vehicle and receive a discount at the above lots!
Weekdays - Free
Weekends - $5

Parking Lot Locations:
For more information and sales please call 970.496.5455.

Beaver Run Lot - (Peak 9 Slopeside):
Daily - $15
Car Pool and Save - Drive up with 4 or more people in your vehicle and receive a $5 discount on parking at the Beaver Run Lot

Town of Breckenridge Paid Parking Lots (Wellington Lot, Dredge Lot, F Lot):
Daily - $15

Free Parking:
Airport Road Lot - Satellite Parking with free shuttle to Gondola
All Paid Lots are free after 2:00pm (Town of Breckenridge Lots above are free after 3:00pm)

Parking Passes:

Parking Pass: Lot Authorized: Restrictions: Cost:
Beaver Run Pass
(Peak 9)
Beaver Run Mon. - Thurs. $349
Beaver Run & Gondola Combo Pass Beaver Run
Gondola South
Gondola North
Mon. - Thurs.
7 Days a week
7 Days a week
Gondola Pass Gondola South
Gondola North
7 Days a week $149

For more information and sales please call 970.496.5455.

All prices are subject to change. Parking Spaces are subject to first come first served. Pass holders are not guaranteed a parking space.