Colorado Classic Bike Race

Professional cycling returns to Breckenridge Aug. 11, 2017 with the Colorado Classic
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The inaugural “Colorado Classic” will roll through Breckenridge August 11, 2017

Breckenridge knows how to throw a bike-themed party and we're excited to welcome the return of professional cycling with the inaugural Colorado Classic. The Colorado Classic promises to be a cycling event like locals, pros and all of the United States have never seen before.  Pro cyclists in the inaugural four-day men's race, including international pros with BMC Racing and Cannondale Drapac, will cover 313 miles (503.5 km) and endure more than 20,000 vertical feet of intense, high-altitude climbing in four stages that showcase the state's incredible terrain and enhance viewing options for fans.

Date: August 11, 2017
Time: All Day - View Event Schedule for Details
Cost: Free to view
To sign up for additional information, visit:

Stage 2 Route

Stage two will test be a test of endurance and willpower over 64 miles (103 km) in the scenic mining town of Breckenridge. During 10 laps on the 6.4-mile (10.3 km) course, riders will face more than 7,000 feet of climbing, including multiple, leg-crushing runs up the notorious Moonstone climb — and the subsequent thrilling descents down Illinois Gulch.
CO Classic 2017 Route Map

The second and final stage of the women's race  will cover 32 miles (51.5 km) over five laps on the Breckenridge course, with riders conquering Moonstone hill over and over again.

August 11 - Stage 2 Race Schedule

10:00am  Festival Opens
11:00am  Women's Race Start
12:30pm  Pro Women's awards ceremony on Riverwalk Center Lawn Awards Stage
12:30pm  Women's Race Finish (ETA)
2:00pm  Men's Race Start
4:45pm  Men's Race Finsih (ETA)
4:45pm Pro Men's awards ceremony on Riverwalk Center Lawn Awards Stage
5:45pm - 7:45pm  Live Music: Itchy-O
Itchy-O is a 30-plus-piece marching band that draws its inspiration from many cultures that include Japanese Taiko drumming, Chinese Lion dancing, Mexican street processions, ancient esoteric symbology and American drum corps. A blazing aural assault from the darkest depths of Colorado, Itchy-O is a wholly immersive, musical experience on a massive scale. Special musical guests DJ f-ether and Church Fire open.  Music starts at6pm; Itchy-O set at 8:30 pm.  Presented in conjunction with the Breckenridge stage of the Colorado Classic.

Nearby Route Entertainment

11:00am - 3:30pm

Ants - Interactive Performance at the Blue River Plaza

- All Day

Trail Mix Series at the Monsteon Trail

Trail Mix Series at the Iowa Hill Trail

Trail Mix Series at the Illinois Creek Trail

8:30pm  Monuments by Craig Walch 


See the feed below to stay up to date on the Colorado Classic


2017 Men’s Teams for the Colorado Classic

We are looking forward to cheering these gents on in August! #coloradoclassic

2017 Women’s Teams for the Colorado Classic

We are looking forward to cheering these ladies on in August! #coloradoclassic

Interested in volunteering for the upcoming Colorado Classic?

Volunteers are needed for Stage 2 of the Colorado Classic in various positions on race day and in some cases, before race day.

Volunteers are needed to fill various roles, including the following:

Course marshals
Ancillary event support
Information booths
Route notification

Volunteers in Breckenridge receive:

- T-Shirt
- Bottled water
- Snacks
- And of course, up close views of race!

>> Click here to register to volunteer

Make sure to select Breckenridge – Stage 2 as the city you’re volunteering for.

Public Transportation:

Details TBA

Road Closures:

Details TBA

MTB & Hiking Trails:

Moonstone Trail and other trails near the race will remain open on race day.


Unless posted otherwise, long-term parking on state highway right-of-way (ROW) is allowed, but no more than 24 hours in advance of the time the race is expected to start. For information on roads specific to Golden Gate Canyon State Park, please see page 3.
The highway ROW varies, but in most cases it is defined by a fence that runs parallel to the highway about 30 to 50 feet from the edge of the roadway. In areas where there is no fence, please use good judgment and stay away from cliffs, ledges, steep hills, and private property.
Local roads and county roads are not considered state highway ROW; please check with the local authorities for any possible restrictions.
  • Parking in a posted “No Parking or Camping” area may result in a ticket and/or tow. Additionally, due to environmental concerns, some areas that are normally accessible may have restrictions and will be marked.
  • No camp fires will be allowed at any time along state and county highways. County fire restrictions apply when camping in designated areas outside of the highway. It is your responsibility to understand these restrictions.
  • Tents are considered camping and are not allowed. An awning for sun protection on race day will be permitted.
  • If the Colorado Department of Transportation or the Colorado State Patrol determines an area to be too crowded with vehicles, including trailers, either entity may clear the area by requiring vehicles to be moved to another location. This includes the roadway, all right of way and access to the roadway.
  • All vehicles, including trailers, must be parked completely off the highway. Access to private property must be maintained.
  • Parking must not create a safety risk to the motoring public or the race course, regardless of parking area. This includes blocking the view at intersections for turning vehicles or race participants. Spectators should be aware that the highway may still be open to active, live motorized traffic, prior to, and after the race.  CDOT and CSP maintain the right to tow vehicles for security reasons or to keep the race course clear.
  • DO NOT USE PAINT to mark the pavement as it can be a detriment to the race course and can have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. The use of chalk is allowed.
  • Authorities ask that everyone do their part to keep Colorado clean and respect public lands. All spectators should ensure that their areas are clean of debris and trash prior to leaving. Littering violations will be strictly enforced.
  • Sanitation laws will be in effect. Please be respectful of others and abide by “leave no trace” guidance. Please use the portable facilities and trash containers that will be available in popular spectator locations. Where containers are not available, you are required to haul your trash away.
  • If you cannot park at your desired location, you’re encouraged to walk and/or bike to the location. Both are great ways to see the race and join in the fun and excitement of experiencing this world class event. Just be aware of your surroundings and stay on the shoulders where they’re available.
  • Consider carpooling to your parking location. A little planning may eliminate the need to bring extra vehicles to the race.
  • For the safety of man’s best friend and your favorite cyclists, all pets must be kept on a leash; owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

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