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Guided Breckenridge Fly Fishing Trips

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Breckenridge is home to some of the best fly fishing waters in the state of Colorado! With numerous rivers, streams, and reservoirs all within an hour of downtown, there’s a destination to match nearly all interest and skill levels. With so many options to choose from, knowing where to go and what the fish will be biting on can be a bit daunting. Luckily, the top local shops — Breckenridge Outfitters and Mountain Angler — staff a great collection of overly-knowledgeable guides ready to provide their expertise to anglers of all skill levels in order to experience the best possible Breckenridge fly fishing trips.

Your guides and outfitters provide you with everything you need for your time on the water. Fishing licenses, rods & reels, waders, boots, water and drinks will all be taken care of.  Both shops offer very similar packages and here is what to expect.

Breckenridge Fly Fishing Trips:

Two Hour Intro to Fly Fishing

Father and his sons and dog fly fishing in Breckenridge
A guided fly fishing trip can be fun for the entire family!

Two Hour Introduction Trips are geared for beginners and those looking to start a new passion. These provide a thorough introduction to the elements of angling for trout with a fly rod in a laid back & fun environment. You’ll get instruction on the basic techniques of casting a fly-rod with demonstrations of several methods of casting while your guides assist with techniques to help perfect your form. Learn basic knots and all about the types of insects we have in this area and the different types of tied flies we use to imitate them. Expect more talking, demonstration, casting and, yes, some time on the water fishing.  The focus here is more on learning how to fly fish.

Half Day Fishing Trip

A Half Day Trip is more geared to those wanting to spend a bit more time on the water in the pursuit of trout while learning how to cast to fish with a fly-rod. These trips will also include some more intensive instruction at the onset of the trip covering similar topics to the 2 hour, but going into more detail. A lot of guests do the half day to get the basics down and have the opportunity to hone their skills.

More time and instruction is spent on the water learning about presentations of flies and reading water while actively searching for feeding trout. Our local guides generally prefer to get a bit out of town for these types of trips.

The draw here is to get you out to a more remote area in an effort to get to some water with a bit less pressure and to provide better fishing and some privacy. Half days average four hours on the water; the drive is not considered time on the water, so sit back and enjoy meeting your guide and the scenery as you are on the road.

All Day Fishing Trips

A man casting his line while on one of the Breckenridge fly fishing trips.
For anglers seeking exceptional trout fishing and incredible scenery, a full day guided trip offers opportunities that can’t be duplicated

Full Day Trips are best suited for those who might have had some experience or some exposure to the basics, or those who are very quick learners. Anglers who opt for this trip are looking for the full-throttle guided trip experience anticipating exceptional customer service and valuable personal time with a local expert on the areas you are fishing. The morning will be some instruction to fine-tune casting and presentation, and exposure and insights into the water you are fishing.

As the day continues, your guide will offer a break and provide a nice relaxed riverside lunch to allow you to take some time to enjoy the scenery and just catch up from what everyone experienced through the morning. After a relaxing lunch, it’s now time to finish the day strong, and if the fish are hungry every angler should have the opportunity to catch some of our reclusive, picky trout.

The two options here are whether you want do a walk & wade trip, or if you want to do a float trip. Float trips allow you to fish from a classic drift boat or whitewater/ fly-fishing equipped raft. Our local shops float the legendary Colorado River. This beautiful river is famous for our great trout populations, a springtime Giant Salmonfly emergence, and amazing mayfly hatches throughout the summer. This scenic freestone river is also home to some amazing trout and each cast is an opportunity to find them. You may not get a bite, you might hook an average fish, or you could hook up with the next state-record trout.

Lake Float Fishing Trip

Another great option to consider is a Lake Float trip: These trips are our local fly shops “ace in the hole”  for early season trips when our rivers are un-runnable or un-fishable in rafts or boats. This high water run-off is also generally unsafe for walk & wading trips until the melt tapers off. Many of our lake trips have experienced exceptional numbers of really large, strong, and hungry trout.

Seasonally offered, lake trips are kind of like the chef’s special, and trust me, they are worth asking about. They generally are offered from Spring to about mid-July. After that, the water warms and lake fishing drops off quite a bit.

Breckenridge Guide Shops and Local Insight

A man casting while fly fishing at Mohawk Lakes.
The catch and release of wild trout, and preserving thee spectacular natural habitat they thrive in is a true passion for the fly fishing guides around Breckenridge.

Breckenridge Outfitters and Mountain Angler, both based out of Breckenridge, provide these and other packages with options to handle and provide for whatever an angler’s needs might be. Our world class fishing destinations in and around Breckenridge can be custom-tailored to make your day on the water the most fun, memorable, relaxing and at times truly exhilarating day ever. From the total beginner, the novice, to the well seasoned expert angler, the right time, the right place, and the right flies, our area is on the map for storied adventures seeking trout on a fly-rod.

Your guides all are working hard to provide you the best service and opportunities to have a great day on the water and in the outdoors of this beautiful Colorado.

Some of the fish you caught during the day might have been caught on flies personally tied by your guides. Your guide pays for the fuel and the vehicle to get you on the water. The equipment you are using on your trip is also paid for by your guide. The boat you are floating in is your guide’s personal boat. Sharing our passion for the outdoors, the catching & releasing of wild trout around here and exposing our guests to this beautiful sport is what we live for. To share this experience with others is ultimately why we do it. Let the guides know you appreciate their efforts.

But above all, have a great time fishing (and catching!), whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fly fisherman looking to find the best fishing holes.


By Breck Editorial

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