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Family Friendly Fun in Breckenridge

Trip Ideas: Family Friendly

In Breckenridge, we’re not exaggerating when we say, there’s fun around every corner. From mornings on the trails to days spent rafting the river or nights gathered around the fireplace, the list of what to do with your family in Breckenridge is endless.  Whether you have smaller children or are traveling with several generations it’s easy to find activities the whole family will love.  The most important things to consider when planning a family trip are: what to do, where to eat, and where to stay. No matter when you choose to visit, the whole family will enjoy a trip to Breckenridge.

What to Do

Woman wrangler and girl on horse on Breckenridge trails.
Breckenridge horseback riding is an experience you and your family and friends will remember for many years to come.

Perhaps the most important question that you have to ask yourself when planning a vacation is, “what are we going to do?” It’s important to have options that the whole family can enjoy, either as a big group or in smaller pairings. In Breckenridge, it’s more of a question of how to fit in as much as possible in the time allotted. Get out and explore the mountains: Biking and hiking are both popular free options in the summer, with a variety of trails for any ability level (there are shops that rent bike trailers for hauling the little ones that are capable of handling mountain bike trails, too). In the summer, Epic Discovery offers more than 13 different activities on the mountain ranging from a thrilling alpine coaster to educational areas where you can learn about local flora and fauna. Horseback riding, summer dog sledding and ATV rides are also available for family excursions.

Family in Breckenridge on the Alpine Slide at Breckenridge Ski Resort Epic Discovery
Did you know a mountain can bounce, zip, swoosh, and swing? Welcome to Epic Discovery at Breck. Explore the mountain with a variety of activities that highlight the stunningly beautiful and rich environment.

In the winter, skiing and snowboarding are on most peoples’ minds, but there are plenty of non-mountain activities, too. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities for self-propelled adventures; dog sledding and snowmobile tours are fun for the entire family if you prefer a bit more speed.

But not all entertainment in Breckenridge takes place out of doors. Year-round, the Breckenridge Arts District offers classes on a variety of different mediums from painting to patchwork. Take a stroll through the historic buildings with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance and learn more about the town’s colorful gold mining past. The Mountain Top Children’s Museum offers hands-on learning and entertainment for children 2 – 10 years old and the Breckenridge Recreation Center has basketball courts, tennis courts, an outdoor skate park, a massive indoor pool and more, just in case there is still some energy to burn.

Where to Eat

Breckenridge is fast becoming known as a foodie destination — and that goes for families, too. Looking for the perfect pizza? We have that (and even have a vegan version, too). Craving a juicy burger? Sure, no problem. Do you have a hungry teenager who could eat you out of house and home? There are several buffets that are sure to satisfy. From Thai and Vietnamese to classic comfort food and Mexican feasts, Breckenridge has a restaurant that can satisfy your families’ appetites. During the busier times of year, make a reservation to ensure that your table will be ready when you are or build in time to stroll through town if there’s a waiting list.

Where to Stay for a Family in Breckenridge

What to do and where to eat is covered, but where you stay during a vacation is a make or break decision. Breckenridge has a vast network of lodging options that can accommodate a family of almost any size, with whatever amenities are necessary for your crew. From resorts with all the amenities to luxurious homes that can sleep 20 people, there’s a lodging option that will ensure the best dreams during your vacation. As a bonus? Breckenridge is a very walkable town and many lodging properties also have shuttles (just in case), so there’s really no need for a car. Catch a shuttle and let someone else do the driving for you!

Whether you’re visiting in summer, fall, winter or spring, Breckenridge just waiting to welcome you and your family. From outdoor adventures to simply spending time together laughing, the memories that you make here in Breckenridge will stay vibrant for years to come.

By Breck Editorial

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