Top 5 Reasons To Bring Your Extended Family To Breckenridge

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There’s something special about traveling with your extended family. While a typical family vacation with Mom, Dad and the kids is fun, having Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Fanny and Uncle Bob, or the cousins who are just like brothers along for the ride is icing on the cake. Here are my top five reasons why it’s worth bringing your extended family to Breckenridge:

Top 5 Reasons to Bring Your Extended Family to Breckenridge:

1. You can get more time on the slopes

A group of skiers on groomed terrain at Breckenridge Ski Resort.
Breckenridge’s world-class groomed terrain is fun for the whole family.

The more adults you have on a ski trip, the more likely one of them will be happy to relax at home when one of the kids gets tired and hungry. I will be forever grateful to Grandma Linda for keeping an eye on my daughter while I got out on Peak 10 with my husband!

2. You can get artsy

A girl painting in the Arts District in Breckenridge.
The Arts District offers all sorts of classes and lessons in a wide variety of mediums.

We spent an inspired morning designing personalized canvas bags at the Fuqua Livery Stable in the Breckenridge Arts District (BAD). Our instructor, Jenn Cram, gave us all the pastels, tools and accessories we needed to bring out our creativity. BAD offers art workshops for children, teens and adults. In our group, we had three generations sharing the fun together. Find more information at

3. You can have a great adventure

A family during a dog sledding trip in Breckenridge
Make adventure a part of your Breckenridge vacation with a guided dog sled tour through some of the area’s most stunning countryside.

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Breckenridge was dog-sledding with Good Times Adventures. While mushing and being pulled along a trail by a pack of beautiful dogs might sound super-adventurous, it’s actually ideal for all ages. My 8-year-old daughter did it, and it would be a treat for anyone who remembers reading “Call of the Wild” in school. Our expert guide knew exactly what portions of the trail would be slow and flat – and easiest for older adults and young children.

4. You can share a fondue pot

One of our favorite eateries in Breckenridge is the Swiss Haven Restaurant. What family would not enjoy sharing a pot of chocolate or cheese fondue? Or cooking their own steak, seafood, and veggies in a hot pot of broth? Swiss Haven is completely family-friendly and just fun all around. Call owner Franco for a reservation at 970-453-6969.

5. You can go on a shopping spree

Shopping in Breckenridge. Extended Family to Breckenridge.
Breckenridge is a mecca for snow sports, true, but there’s so much more to our town.

I love the town of Breckenridge. Everyone is friendly and seems to enjoy living the mountain town life. You might think the people that work downtown would tire of the endless parade of tourists searching for that one specific kind of sweatshirt (that would be me). But I walked into one store and the guys behind the counter joked about taking bets on whether or not I would come in (I had been standing outside the door talking to my friend). We all laughed, and then they pointed me directly to that sweatshirt I hadn’t been able to find. And when we visited Goods with our friends, Grandma was there to buy her granddaughter a special pair of earrings that she’ll no doubt always associate with her Grandma and her Breckenridge memories.

Kids love sharing new experiences and spending quality time with their extended family. Next time you plan a trip to Breckenridge, bring the whole family!

Father and son fly fishing.
Encouraging kids to try something new is easier when the whole family is involved.

Shannon Entin is a family travel writer and homeschooling mom who loves observing, learning and growing through travel. Passionate about road trips, her goal is to drive through all 50 states in America, chronicling her adventures at 100 Routes Across America.

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