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Summer Dog Sledding

Seasons: Summer

A tired dog is a happy dog, hence the creation of Summer Dog Sledding. Those same adorable sled dogs need to be exercised just as much during the summer as the winter. Swap the winter sleds with carts and scooters, and let these highly trained furry athletes show you around the backcountry trails of their stomping grounds.

The dogs at Snow Cap Sled Dogs require year-round training and exercise which is  the company’s owner, Orion Paiement, created TugNTow.  The TugNTow is a high strength line recoil and it can hold up to 2,000 lbs and can use any type of rope so it has many applications.  Snow Cap Sled Dogs uses the TugNTow to create the safest summer dog sledding experience available.

Meet & Greet with the Sled Dogs

Summer Dog Sledding kicks off with a yard tour where you’ll have the opportunity to pet the sled dogs, meet the newest members of the team (PUPPIES!), take photos and find out how summer dog sledding works.

Summer Dog Sledding Cart Tour

Join your dogsled guides for a dog powered ride on a golf cart.  Your team of sled dogs will whisk your through forested trails and mountain scenery while you enjoy the thrill of the backcountry. The cart seats 7 adults comfortably.

Summer Dog Sledding Scooter Tour

Travel through Swan Valley on your own dog-powered scooter. With instructions from your guide, lead your own pair of sled dogs on an adventure. Not for the faint of heart, scootering requires good physical condition and coordination, biking experience a plus!



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