5 Summer Activities to Continue Into Fall - Breckenridge, Colorado

5 Summer Activities To Continue Into Fall

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Not ready to say goodbye to summer? Here are 5 summer activities you can continue into fall.

Summer Activities to Continue Into Fall


Fall trees and mountain in Breckenridge.
Fall colored mountainside.

During the summer, trails open up endless possibilities for hiking around Breckenridge.  Those same hikes are available throughout the fall but will offer a golden view as aspens change color mid-September.  The key to fall hiking? Layer-up to ensure you’re ready for changing conditions.  Wondering where to hike? Here are our favorite easymoderate and difficult hiking trails throughout Breckenridge


Two mountain bikers on a dirt trail with leaves on ground.
Extend your mountain biking season into fall. It’s the best way to see golden aspen leaves and enjoy the quieter trails.

In our opinion biking improves in the fall.  The cooler weather means you won’t heat up going uphill, the number of people on the trails decrease and you’re surrounded by golden aspen leaves.   Take your pick of endless dirt trails or enjoy fall days on the rec path. Until snow covers the ground – keep riding!  And when the ground is covered – just switch to cross country skis, snowshoes, or a fat bike!


A group drinking from steins during Oktoberfest in Breckenridge
Breckenridge hosts the largest street celebration in the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge Oktoberfest!

Fall in Breckenridge is (rightfully) recognized for tunnels of golden aspens and one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations in the Rocky Mountains. But Oktoberfest isn’t the only festival or event that shines this fall. Breckenridge packs fall with special events, competitions and festivals! Our favorites? Breckenridge Wine Classic and Craft Spirits Festival.


A man fly fishing at sunset in Breckenridge. Fishing is one of the most popular summer activities.
Fall is our favorite fly fishing season on local rivers in Colorado.

Fall can be one of our favorite times to fish. Spring runoff is unpredictable, and summer monsoons can drop heavy rains leaving freshwater rivers looking more like chocolate milk overnight. In the fall, the weather and water conditions can often be more stable, leading to a nice stretch of amazing dry fly fishing.  Discover secrets like fishing grasshopper patterns on various sections of the South Platte River by taking a guided lesson.


Female tour guide with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance guiding a family.
Female tour guide with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance giving a tour to a family.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Breckenridge sign-up for one of our historic tours.  Tours are offered year-round but the Breckenridge Haunted Tour and Tombstone Tales Twilight Tour just seem a little more fun in the fall. Tour the historic district, a few hauntings and learn about some of the mining characters who helped to make this Town great.

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