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No Car, No Problem: Go Carless in Breckenridge

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You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, but how about Carless in Breckenridge? During the winter season, why worry about clearing off ice and snow from your car? Let us handle clearing all the snow in town through our alternative transportation options! We have the ins and outs on how to get around town and make the most of the Breckenridge transportation services available.

Going carless at 9,600 feet is a great way to get out from behind the wheel and tap into a mountain experience on foot, bike, shuttle or public transportation. The Town of Breckenridge has been hard at work increasing the walkability of our town with new LED lights, a re-designed Riverwalk pedestrian experience and heated sidewalks so that you can enjoy our beautiful town by foot.

Provided you are staying in town, on a bus/shuttle route, or with a lodging company that offers transportation, taking a shuttle to and from the airport simplifies your in-town experience. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about finding parking or driving in snowy conditions.

Getting to Breckenridge without a car

Downtown Breckenridge covered in snow with mountains in distance.
No car, no problem! Breckenridge has transportation services year-round.


Wondering how to get from DIA to Breckenridge without a car? It’s easy! Several companies run shuttles from Denver International Airport, making the connection a cinch. Breckenridge’s newest airport shuttle, Breck Direct is a great late-night/early morning option if your flights aren’t during the day when most other shuttles are running. As the largest, Epic Mountain Express tends to offer the most departures (so it’s easy to get rescheduled if your flight is late) and the best off-season service. Otherwise, most offer similar products at a similar price — don’t be afraid to deal-shop and call around for the best times. Here are some of our favorites to start with:

See more options on TripAdvisor.

From DIA, sit back and enjoy the ride to Breckenridge, you’re just 90 miles and about 4,000 vertical feet away from the top of the Colorado Rockies. Most shuttles offer free WiFi, providing you with plenty of time to check in with the office, friends, family or your favorite social networks.

On the cheap: This will take a little extra time and planning, but for those on a budget, take the RTD A Line train from the airport to Denver’s Union Station. From there, catch the Bustang to the Frisco Transfer Station, and then the free Summit Stage into downtown Breckenridge. There’s currently no bag storage at Union Station, so if you haven’t packed light, be sure to check train/bus schedules and plan your flight accordingly (Bustang has only two departures per day in each direction).

Denver International Airport is a hub for many forms of Breckenridge Transportation.
Denver International Airport is the main travel hub for visitors flying into Colorado from out-of-state.

Consider lodging check-in/out times: If your lodging has an off-site check-in location and you arrive hours before check-in time, you might find yourself hauling luggage across town once the room is ready. The same goes for late night departures. Most properties will hold your luggage while you explore, but if you have lots of luggage and/or little ones in tow, ask your lodging representative about transportation to/from your room. This is not a concern for traditional resorts and lodges.

Do this: Plan to arrive in Breckenridge on a weekday when I-70 tends to be smooth sailing (unless Mother Nature interferes with a snowstorm). If weekends are your only option, expect the shuttle ride (or drive) to take longer, especially westbound on Friday nights/Saturday mornings, and eastbound on Sunday afternoons back to Denver.

Good to know: If you must rent a car, please familiarize yourself with traction laws and vehicle requirements for traveling during severe snowstorms. And remember, if storms are threatening to close the roads, just stay put and stay safe.

  • Parking: While your family may need a car to get to Breckenridge from the airport, consider leaving the car parked at your hotel, cabin or B&B once you get here.  See below for details.

Getting Around Breckenridge Without A Car

With several base areas for skiing, a gondola from town and a trail network accessible just blocks from Main Street, most activities–including skiing, hiking, biking, shopping, eating, live music and more–are just a short stroll away once you reach downtown Breckenridge. The heart of Main Street is roughly six blocks; many rental properties sit within easy walking distance of Main. Whether you’re staying a little farther from Main Street, tired from a day exploring, or hauling groceries, there are lots of options to get into and around town.

Breckenridge’s Free Bus Service

The Main Street Trolley is a free transportation shuttle that services downtown Breckenridge.

The Free Ride bus system offers year-round service through town’s most popular neighborhoods, as well as a Main Street Trolley. The bus system is free to all users and is a convenient way to get around town.  The bus also goes near many popular trailheads, and has 2 bike racks per bus, making it easy to hit the trails without a car.

Depending on the route, most buses run on a 30 min or 15 min schedule. The Free Ride now has an app that makes transportation through town seamless and stress-free. Download “My Free Ride” on your iPhone or Android to get real-time locations of all our buses and easily map out your trip from your lodging to activities. For those who don’t have the app, you can check the bus schedule online, at each bus stop, or pick up a schedule at the Breckenridge Welcome Center right on Main St.

Lodging Shuttle Service

The Village at Breckenridge
The Village at Breckenridge

If you’re staying in one of Breckenridge’s many hotels or condominium complexes, you’ll most likely have access to a complimentary hotel shuttle service. The hotel shuttles will take you to local attractions, shops, restaurants, events and anywhere within Breckenridge limits for free. Check with your lodging company to learn about available shuttle services.

Taxis & Ride Share Services

Breckenridge offers a wide range of taxi and ride share programs including Uber, Lyft and Taxi services that will take you around town as well as neighboring towns throughout Summit County. These are perfect if you’ve hit the bars and are a little late to catch the bus route- keep in mind, prices can surge during peak hours and events so plan accordingly.

Walking + Biking

Family biking on Main St. in summer.
Breckenridge has tons of walking and biking trails, making getting around town a breeze!

It’s true, Breckenridge is a small mountain town which means it incredibly easy to get around by foot or bike.  Sidewalks are on almost every street, and pedestrian-friendly crosswalks are available on most blocks. Technically, you can walk from one side of town to the other in roughly 15 minutes, but we’re pretty sure our eclectic boutiques and delicious restaurants will entice you to slow your pace a bit.  If you’d rather get around on two wheels, Breckenridge’s recreational trail and bike lanes have earned Breckenridge a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Bike rentals are available throughout town and year-round thanks to the popularity of fat tire bikes.

Summit Stage

If you’re looking to go further than Breckenridge or are coming in for the day, the Summit Stage offers free public bus service throughout Summit County. This public transportation system connects Breckenridge with neighboring resorts of Keystone and Copper Mountain, as well as the towns of Silverthorne, Frisco, and Dillon and Summit Cove.

Parking in Breckenridge

If you absolutely need a car in Breckenridge, plan on paying for parking and try to get into town early before spots fill up. View the Parking Map here.

Learn more about Breckenridge transportation and parking. 

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