3 Easy Tips for Adjusting to Altitude

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Breckenridge altitude sits at over 9,000 feet above sea level creating an unforgettable high alpine climate with low humidity and year-round sunshine.

The mountains of Breckenridge are majestic and snowcapped most of the year, with ample sunshine (300 days on average), fresh mountain air and low humidity providing a remarkable experience in the summer and the perfect snowflake for ski season. Enjoying life in the beauty of the high country above 9,000 feet takes some adjusting. The high-alpine climate is dry, the air is thinner (that’s why your golf ball goes further) and the sun is closer and more powerful, even on a cloudy day. These conditions can cause the potential for altitude sickness. Thankfully, there are easy ways to adapt to the environment and fully enjoy all the activities and wonders the mountains have to offer.

Recognizing Symptoms at Breckenridge Altitude

Two women hiking Baldy Mountain at Breckenridge Altitude.
It sounds pretty simple, but drinking plenty of fluids is key.

According to research from Dr. Paul Anderson from the Mayo Clinic, only 20 percent of people who visit a high-altitude location (4,291 – 11,483 feet) are affected by some form of altitude illness. Symptoms may include: headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, restless sleep, coughing, and difficulty in breathing.  However, with a little preparation before traveling and hydration (2-3 liters of water per day before your trip), symptoms can be avoided. “Knowledge is the best prevention for altitude illness,” recommends Dr. Anderson. Here are three tips to take advantage of everything on your Breckenridge’s bucket list while adjusting to elevation.


It sounds pretty simple but drinking plenty lots of fluids is key at elevation. Try to drink twice the amount of water here as you would at home. According to the Mayo Clinic, higher altitude accelerates dehydration. It may be challenging to drink fluids while traveling, but it does pay off. So, stop, drink some water and take in the view – you’re on vacation after all!


Adjusting to elevation can affect anyone regardless of what sort of physical condition they’re in before arriving. Experts recommend to take it easy for at least the first day at altitude. Extending your stay to 3-4 days will allow for more time to acclimate. It’s hard not to hit the slopes or jump on a mountain bike on your first day, but don’t forget, there is plenty to see and do on Breckenridge’s historic Main Street. Ease into your vacation and laidback mountain atmosphere by allowing your body to adjust.


Alcohol and caffeine slow down the body’s ability to acclimate at elevation. If you plan to indulge in Breckenridge’s craft beer and libation scene, try matching every drink with a glass of water to ensure you’re staying hydrated.


The O2 Lounge Exterior
The O2 Lounge offers multiple ways to combat altitude sickness.

While at Breckenridge altitude there are a couple of other ways to help you adjust to altitude. To help get a better night’s rest, many hotels and property management companies offer humidifiers to moisten the air. In many of the stores around town, you can purchase oxygen in a can. Also, check out The O2 Lounge, where you can buy a treatment of oxygen while you put your feet up and relax. They offer oxygen machine rentals and portable oxygen cans, but these are not substitutes for continuous flow oxygen that you would receive from a medical professional. If symptoms persist or if you have a concern about your health, you should seek medical attention.

Breckenridge is renowned for the welcoming spirit and friendly laid-back character of their locals. Adapt to Breckenridge lifestyle while visiting and take it easy. Don’t forget to stop and let the view take your breath away.

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