15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Breckenridge

Nestled in the mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado, is much more than a paradise for adventurers and adrenaline seekers. It has a growing art scene, nationally recognized historic centre and a wide variety of dining and nightlife hotspots. So what makes Breckenridge completely unique and different to other destinations in the U.S.? Here are 15 Breckenridge facts you didn’t know about our mountain town!

1. In 1859, gold was discovered along the Blue River in Colorado and a mining town was set up. Breckenridge was inadvertently left off a U.S. map in the mid-1800s until the mistake was discovered nearly a half a century later. The town was originally called “Colorado’s Kingdom”, which became Breckenridge in 1961.

2. Dumb and Dumber was filmed in Breckenridge along with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation which was filmed in Frisco, 9 miles away.

3. On average, Breckenridge has 300 days of sunshine each year and 300+ inches of average snowfall.

4. Speaking of snowfall, Breckenridge gives thanks for the abundance of snow every year during Ullr Fest.  It’s a celebration of snow, tradition, and fun!

5. In 1984, Breckenridge became Colorado’s first major resort to allow snowboarding.

6. Breckenridge is home to more than 200 shops and almost 100 restaurants and bars!

7. The Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts 187 trails spread across five huge peaks!

8. Breckenridge is one of the largest historical districts in Colorado with more than 200 structures on the National Register of Historic Places.

9.  Free WIFI for all! Free Wi-Fi hotspots are provided by the Town of Breckenridge at no charge as a courtesy to our residents and visitors.

10. In 1887, Colorado’s largest piece of gold was discovered near Breckenridge. Nicknamed “Tom’s Baby”, it weighed 13.5 pounds – almost 1 stone

11. During the Big Snow Winter of 1989, it snowed for 79 days! On flat ground, the snow reached a depth of 20 feet.

12. Base elevation is 9,600 feet summit elevation: 12,998 feet and is home to the highest chairlift in North America, the Imperial Express Superchair.

13. The town of Breckenridge is 7 miles long and 2 miles wide.

14. In the summer, the average temperature is 70°F in the day and 50°F at night.

15. Breckenridge is home to many Olympic athletes including freestyle skiers Keri Herman and Bobby Brown, Nordic skier Matthew Dayton, rower Greg Ruckman and speed skier, C.J. Mueller.

Want to learn more about Breckenridge? We recommend experiencing it first hand! Start planning your trip!

By Breck Editorial

The Breckenridge Tourism Office works to enhance and promote the unique character and experience of Breckenridge as a world-renowned destination resort and to represent, serve and perpetuate the common interest and character of its membership and community.

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