Reasons to Fall in Love with Breckenridge

Breckenridge is like that beautiful, charming, funny, down-to-earth person you meet at a party. You can’t believe they’re real. Really real. As in authentic and approachable but oh-so fun, too. You instantly have a crush. And want to be best friends, maybe you even dream of moving in, falling in love and being together forever. That’s exactly the way I felt when I first met Breckenridge. Breckenridge is alluring. So much so that I quit my job, dropped out of my graduate program, packed up my car and drove West through five states to move here. A decade and a few years later and I’m still in the honeymoon phase. Here are a few reasons you, too, will fall in love with Breckenridge:

1. The Town. It’s simply beautiful. It’s what postcards are made from. It’s what artists envision in their watercolor dreams. It’s the largest historic district in Colorado, after all.


2. The Town. We’re saying it again but we’ll say it differently. Breckenridge is a real town with real locals who actually live in and around town.

3. The Style. You won’t find any bling’ed out celebs or fur coats. Instead, locals and visitors alike strut their stuff in puffy jackets and horns. Yes, Ullr horns.

4. The Mountain. There’s a reason Breckenridge consistently wins the Popularity contest pretty much every year. It’s got it all: Five peaks of steeps, bowl skiing, bumps, groomers and terrain parks.

5. The Fun. Last call. First Chair. Breckenridge knows how to have fun but the people who visit and live here know what’s really important – skiing and riding. Party hard, but ski/ride harder.

6. The Events. There are festivals dedicated to drinking beer, mountain biking, the “Kingdom” of Breck, snow sculptures and even a week-long tribute to the Norse God of snow where the Town of Breckenridge set a world record for the longest shot ski.

World record #shot-ski #breckbecause

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These are just a few of my favorite things. What are yours? Share the reasons you love #BreckBecause.

By Breck Editorial

The Breckenridge Tourism Office works to enhance and promote the unique character and experience of Breckenridge as a world-renowned destination resort and to represent, serve and perpetuate the common interest and character of its membership and community.

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