WAVE: Light + Water + Sound

Breckenridge Creative Arts is pleased to announce the return of WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, an exhibition of cutting-edge works of contemporary public art featuring illuminated sculptures, projections and digital art on the riverfront. This free 4-day event offers temporary installations, musical performances, screenings, digital art and eye candy of all sizes for the whole family to experience.

2018 Sculptures + Installations

“Angels of Freedom” by OGE Group

“Angels of Freedom” is a social installation that invites visitors to photograph themselves as angels with brightly lit wings and halos. The project contains a deep underlying message discouraging discrimination through interaction. Five giant wings with white halos encourage people to turn into angels in a few simple steps through the power of photography and social media.


Aura” Julie Huges

A kaleidoscopic celebration of color and light, “Aura” is composed of tens of thousands of hand-painted and cut acrylic paintings on thin plastic. These paintings are woven together and lit theatrically to create an immersive experience for viewers.


“Elantica” by Tom Dekyvere

“Elantica” is an off-grid light sculpture made of solar panels and e-waste materials like recycled circuit boards. Our world creates a digital version of reality, and beyond the rather computerized aspect, an effective materialization takes place. Natural rock formations are turning into virtual material; the human mind and body get hardwired extensions; fauna and flora are replaced by artificial artifacts. A replica of our world, camouflaged with conventional skin and designed by a digital source, Elanticaraises questions about our fractalized acts, in search of a balance that suits both man and robot.


“IMPULSE” by Creos

IMPULSE is a series of interactive, acoustic, illuminated seesaws that respond and transform when in motion. The project uses the idea of repetitive units of subtle light and sound that can be played by the public to create a temporal, ever‐changing event. IMPULSE embodies ideas of serialism, repetition, and variation to produce zones of intensity and calm.


“Interphase” by Cacheflowe + AudioPixel

“Interphase” is an interactive musical light sculpture that invites visitors to create synchronized sound and light compositions with unique physical inputs.


“Place/d” by Stephanie Imbeau

Tumbling and flowing clusters of umbrellas lit from within are inspired by the settling of both individuals and rocks along the Blue River’s path. This large scale, multi-site installation will celebrate the vibrancy of the Breckenridge community while inviting viewers to search out its various components along the festival’s footprint.

2018 Concerts + Screenings

“Les éléments du NRO” with National Repertory Orchestra

Featuring musicians from the National Repertory Orchestra, Les éléments du NRO is a performance by a woodwind quintet to accompany the flight of Les Luminéoles.


“Through the Blue” with Russick Smith

Featuring cellist Russick Smith, Through the Blue is a concert of cascading melodies on a tiny island between the banks of the Blue RiverNightly performances at 8pm and 10pm.


“WAVE Reels” with Breckenridge Film Festival

A collection of short films dedicated to different themes within the WAVE exhibition: Water/Pollution (Thu); Music Videos (Fri), Waveforms (Sat) and Best Of (Sun).


May 31 – LightCycles: A Community Bike Ride

LightCycles is an event that encourages local cyclists to light up their bikes for a parade through the WAVE exhibition site. Riders should gather between 7-8pm at Breck Bike Guides (411 S. Main) with their pre-decorated bikes, or gear up onsite with free glow swag, and ride from 8-9pm.


2018 Community Events

June 2 – Artist Talk: Julie Hughes

WAVE artist Julie Hughes will offer a talk about her work and discuss her installation, Aura.


June 3 – Artist Workshop: Cacheflowe

WAVE artist Justin Gitlin, a.k.a. Cacheflowe, will offer a workshop and discuss his installation, Interphase.



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