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Wildflowers on Boreas Pass Road
Experience the beauty of Breckenridge at Camp 9600!

Camp 9600′ is storytelling and immersive marketing in action. If you’re the type of person who likes long, dull PowerPoint presentations, this event isn’t for you. Camp 9600′ is designed for content creators, strategists, marketing pros, entrepreneurs and leaders in the outdoor and travel industries who think differently.

This is summer camp … without the curfews and kumbaya. But, with s’mores, campfires and storytelling. We’re also adding a slew of GoPros, virtual reality demos, some Breck Bourbon and a hefty dose of mountain biking.

The Power of Storytelling:

There are a lot of crappy stories out there. We’ve seen them and you have, too. We challenge you to raise the bar and tell better stories in the travel & outdoor industries. This isn’t a typical conference. Camp 9600’ is:

  • A hands-on challenge in thinking differently.
  • A peek into the future. We’ll explore what’s next for digital, immersive marketing.
  • Interactive. This is not a spectator event.
  • Get outside. Hiking and biking are part of the schedule. No need to play hooky.

By Breck Editorial

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