Horseback Riding

Participate in a wild west adventure by horseback. Choose from trail rides in Breckenridge or open range rides just north of Breckenridge.

All trail rides with Breckenridge Stables last 1.5 hours and explore the beautiful scenery between Peaks 9 and 10 on the 10 mile range above Breckenridge. You will experience river crossings, beaver ponds and breathtaking panoramic views of the continental divide. With over 100 horses, operators are able to match each rider to a horse based on the rider's ability. This is also a great trip for younger children. Breakfast and dinner rides are also available on weekends.

Want a little more intensity? View the beauty of Colorado's wilderness by horseback at the The Rusty Spurr Ranch. This remote location has been preserved with the same wildlife and landscape that the first settlers discovered in the 19th century. It is not uncommon for guests to encounter deer, elk, antelope and other large game during therides. The whispering of the wind and the steady beat of your horse's hooves are all that you will hear. Let us guide you and your horse through forests of aspen and pine to the breathtaking mountaintop vista of six different mountain ranges, and back down through the fragrant, sage-filled high plains. Minimum age at the Rusty Spurr is 7.


For more information on activities, contact our Information Specialists or 888-251-2417. While in town, visit the Breckenridge Welcome Center at 203 S. Main Street. You can also fill out our activity request form online to request more information.