Breckenridge Music Festival


About the Breckenridge Music Festival:

The Breckenridge Music Festival presents an incomparable series of experiences ranging from classical symphonic and intimate chamber to jazz, blues and rock'n'roll. The Festival brings to your doorstep the best musical programs, both classical and modern, available anywhere in the country. The outstanding agenda is everything you’ve asked for, the venue is your neighborhood, and the price is affordable to everyone.

Key to it all is the highly acclaimed Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra (BMF) led by Maestro Gerhardt Zimmermann. While the repertoire of the Orchestra in residence is largely classical, there’s something for everyone, ranging from jazz and pops to Broadway, opera, dance, rock and blues.

And the Blue River Series is back by popular demand. This year features nationally known performing artists mixed with regional talent. The Blue River Series is a favorite for diversified entertainment with several scheduled concerts for the summer!

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