In the midst of coordinating the color of your flowers to the decor, finding the perfect flavor of cake, and getting the flower girl to stand still long enough to fix her hair, there is one highly important and extremely personal detail that you should not forget... finding the perfect wedding officiant! Before deciding on who will be the qualified person to officially seal the deal of your marriage, determine what kind of ceremony you are looking for. Whether it's religious or secular, traditional or modern, short or long in length, all of these are important aspects to consider when finding the right officiant. Take the time to meet your officiant face-to-face and tell them exactly what you are looking for in your ceremony. Make sure they understand the nature of your relationship and how your two personalities work together. 

For an understanding and compassionate ceremony, please refer to these local wedding officiants:

Officiant Phil Gallagher

Summit Celebrant
Leslie Ross

For more information on planning your wedding in Breckenridge, contact the Breckenridge Tourism Office at 866.683.6409 or e-mail Brie Barto at

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