Breck Biking

In Breckenridge, it’s no secret: we are crazy about bikes and crazy proud on how bike-friendly our mountain community is. In 2014, The League of American Bicyclists awarded Breckenridge the gold level in their ranking of the most Bicycle Friendly Communities in the North America.  What does that mean exactly? It means that Breckenridge is built with bikes in mind and we encourage our residents and visitors alike to experience our mountain community on two wheels.  Whether your preferred passion is on the road or on the trail, Breck is the best for bikers. We have the perfect trail, recreation path or mountain pass for whatever type of experience you are looking for.

In fact, in Breck we love biking so much that we dedicated a full week to celebrating our two-wheeled lovers. If you feel the same way about your rolling companion, plan to attend Breck Bike Week, held every summer. To learn more about Breck Bike Week, check out the Breck Connection or the Breck Bike Week event listing.

Don’t forget to tag your bike photos with #BreckBecause. You could be featured on the next BreckConnection’s best shots of biking Breckenridge.

For more information on what to do during the summer, contact the Breck Information Specialists at (877) 864-0868. While in town, stop by the Breckenridge Welcome Center at 203 S. Main Street. You can also fill out our activity request form to receive more information or view, download or order the Breck Connection Vacation Planner.

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