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Position Title:   Special Event Permit Administrator/Events Assistant
Reports to:  Events Director
Accountable to:  CEO/President and Breckenridge Tourism Office Board

Primary Objective: Administrator for all Special Events and Film/Photo Permits for the Town of Breckenridge.  Maintain a community event calendar.  Assist with Breckenridge Tourism Office event production. Develop and maintain volunteer base for all BTO Events.  Responsible for on-site sponsorship.

Primary Responsibility of Position:
1. Handles all administrative aspects of the Special Event Permit Application (SEPA), Film Permits and Special Event Camping Permit Application processes including; articulate the process, guidelines and parameters of holding a special event in Breckenridge to applicants (i.e. event producers), receive permit application, work with applicants, answer general permit questions, collects fees, process permit, updates and maintains databases, communicate findings and conditions to applicant, issues permits, invoicing, act as a general liaison with neighbors that might be impacted, ensure compliance with findings and conditions; gather feedback via the post-event SEPA meeting for improvements.
           a. Prepares and submits SEPA reports by the required deadline.
           b. Assists in maintenance of the SEPA central filing system; updates and maintains file indexes, records management, records event review and feedback.
           c. Develop systems to streamline the process and make administrative updates as needed to the application and procedures. Create an online application and an online drop box where all information is available to BEC and SEPA group members.
           d. Develops spreadsheets, templates, databases, and other computer-based tools to manage SEPA process.
           e. Present a list of SEPA events to the Breckenridge Events Committee for review and consent.
           f. Create and distribute event fact sheets to appropriate personnel
           g. Provides excellent external customer service by greeting and directing the public to proper authorities or Town Departments and responds to public inquiries and disseminates information, both written and verbal, to the public and other departments

2. Develops and maintains a community-wide calendaring system to communicate special events to the public.

3. Maintain current event information on Breckenridge Tourism website.

4. Business and Community Outreach regarding event information (i.e. deliver event information to hotel concierge).

5. Gathers feedback after special events to further evaluate the impact of the special event.

6. Assist with Breckenridge Tourism Office special events designed to deliver on overall Marketing goals and strategies.

7. Keeps apprised of competitive set and best practices.

8. Community/Industry Relations.
         -Represent Breckenridge Tourism Office on appropriate committees/presentations
         -Represent Breckenridge Tourism Office with local associations and organizations including but not limited to Breckenridge Restaurant Association, Breckenridge Lodging Association, Town of Breckenridge Departments and Summit County/Colorado organizations and Visitor Information Centers

9. Teamwork
       - Work as a positive, proactive team leader and team player within the Breckenridge Tourism Office and Breckenridge Community.
       -Assist other Breckenridge Tourism Office departments as necessary (events, sales, business services)
       -Keep CEO promptly informed of all problems, opportunities or unusual matters of significance, so that appropriate action may be taken.
       -Ensure positive, productive working relationships with peers in community – BSR, TOB, and other professionals and professional organizations

10. Professionalism/Standards/Ethics
      -Perform all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies
      -Model professional standards for team – timeliness, accountability, professional and accurate correspondence, professional demeanor and respectfulness
      -Exemplify standards and ethics as defined by the Breckenridge Tourism Office team
      -Effectively perform other duties as assigned
      -Maintains professional and technological knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.

11. Other duties as assigned

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