Instagallery selection


We love your photo and want to potentially feature it in an art gallery of social media photos from around Breckenridge!

Here is what we are doing:

We are calling it the “Instagallery.” We believe there are photos on Instagram, like yours, that are worthy of any professional art gallery around. So that’s what we’re doing - creating a professional art gallery featuring photos from social media. We plan on featuring different "Instagalleries" in art buildings and shops around Breckenridge throughout the year. The second installment will be themed around the upcoming Breckcreate event called WAVE. Photos will be chosen around the theme "Light+Water+Sound" and will be displayed in Old Masonic Hall this May and June.

Here is our process:

  1. Select the best photos from social media that fit our gallery’s theme
  2. Get permission from people like you
  3. Select the finalists to be printed on canvas and displayed in our gallery* (15-20 prints)
  4. Invite and share with everyone we know
*The photos that don't make the final “printing phase” will still be displayed on digital screens at the front of the gallery.


Help us out by giving us permission below. We will be sure to list your name, handle and contact information along with your photo (in case anyone wants to reach out to you to buy your photo). If you have a higher resloution file of your photo, send to, so we can print your photo on a larger canvas with better quality.

I, as the author and owner of the photo(s) in question, agree to give GoBreck authorization, permission and license to display, edit, post and publish my photo(s) in their national and international media and marketing campaign, specifically for the Breck Instagram Gallery. I understand that my photograph(s), which was/were previously posted in social media such as Instagram, may be used in any format including but not limited to print, electronic, digital or social media. If at any time I wish GoBreck to cease use of such photo(s), I will notify them in writing.