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Breckenridge has come a long way since its founding more than 150 years ago and many visitors are attracted to its warm, welcoming spirit and laid-back mountain town vibe. While many of the 4,500 people who live in Breck enjoy world-class skiing, the town offers an endless, year-round variety of outdoor & cultural activities for every age. From wine and orchestra to snowshoeing and year-round hockey, as well as a new public library, an award-winning rec center, community college and a performing arts theatre Breck opportunities keep our active, mountain residents here year-round.

The best time to move here for a ski season is before August, as it can become somewhat challenging to rent long-term housing once the season starts. Housing ads and information on the community can be found on Craigslist, the Summit Daily News or posted on bulletin boards throughout town.

Getting around Summit County is easy with a free countywide bus system. And in the summertime, our incredible recpath system offers convenient paved trails to and from Breck from nearly anywhere in the county. Many people who live and work in town get around by foot and find they do not drive often, as everything is in close proximity.

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