The Breckenridge Ambassadors

In 1981, as local folklore has it, several members of the business community met to begin a series of conversations about Breckenridge, its growth, its allure to tourism and its Resort Chamber.

Originally, the late Al Chaffee and the core of original Ambassadors dubbed it the ‘Kingdom Club,’ with the primary purpose of the fledgling organization to discuss business and assist in a service function to the community. The first recorded president was Al Chaffee and subsequent leaders have included Jim Gill (‘84), Kathy Jones (‘86 & ‘87), Chuck Roy (‘89), Chris Vickery (‘90), Alan Cardenas (‘91), Tom Lehman (‘92), Kevin Wood (‘94), Sarah Good (‘96-’97), David Preaus (‘01), Bonnie Smith-Allen (‘02-’04), Jordan Jocelyn, Josie Hedderman (10-12) and our current President, Kathy Christina, to name a few.

The mission of the organization, now called the Breckenridge Ambassadors, has been refined over the years. The Ambassador Responsibility Statement reads: The organization shall assist the BRC in its objectives to welcome businesses, assist in regular business visits, recognize substantial accomplishments within the community, be the official host to large groups visiting Breckenridge and assist in obtaining new members during the membership drives.

Ambassadors are owners or employees or Breckenridge Businesses and leaders in the business community, committed to giving back to the community through their service work. Ambassadors run the gamut of business sectors, coming from retail, service, restaurants, as well as the resort business. Their desire to have Breckenridge continue as a thriving business community and the BRC as a viable, interactive group that serves its members unites this group.

For a list of current Ambassadors, or if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, contact Ambassador President.

To qualify as an Ambassador, you must have maintained residency in the county for at least 2 years.

Active Ambassador have the following duties:

  1. Represent the Ambassadors at one GoBreck board meeting per year.
  2. Mixers: (1) Attend Mixers and perform hospitality duties; i.e. meet and greet people, introduce them to other attendees, promote upcoming events, (2) Volunteer to work mixers, (3) Invite new businesses members to Mixers, act as host and introduce to other members.
  3. Work Retention Blitz: Make retention calls (courtesy visits on behalf of GoBreck) 4 times a year, requiring 2 to 3 hours each time. Retention calls are the primary function of the Ambassadors and serve to remind members of membership benefits, happenings at the BRC and give members an opportunity to provide suggestions and recommendations on how GoBreck can better serve them.
  4. Volunteer for events. The Ambassadors have selected seven town events at which they volunteer. As an Ambassador, you must volunteer for 3 out of the seven events.
  5. Promote the Breckenridge Businesses whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  6. Conduct yourself professionally whenever you are representing the Ambassadors.
  7. Attend Ambassadors’ monthly luncheons. Missing three consecutive meetings without prior notification constitutes grounds for dismissal from the Ambassadors.
  8. Familiarize yourself, particularly new Ambassadors, with the Ambassador By-Laws.
  9. Pay the annual Ambassador dues of $50.00 per year.
  10. Serve on an Ambassador committee.

As an Ambassador, you have an opportunity to make a difference in your community.