Why Breckenridge?
Breckenridge is the perfect setting for a professional teambuilding retreat, welcoming every style of corporate culture. Teams will improve performance with tailored learning experiences set amidst a Colorado pine forest, atop a Rocky Mountain peak, through a challenging ropes course or at a world-class resort. Breck is an ideal place to share experiences that teach teams to improve communications, solve problems and increase productivity. The Breckenridge Tourism Office coordinates the ultimate corporate teambuilding plan that translates seamlessly back to any workplace in an exceptional way.

Have your team embark on our "Discover Breck" Scavenger Hunt!
Discover the best of our mountain town with your group while participating in a signature team building activity! Have a custom hunt created for your group referencing town history, shopping, traditional saloons, and more! Simply chose your topics, time limit, prize options and have a personalized adventure for your team as they "Discover Breck"! For more information and to plan your unique Scavenger Hunt, email us at or call us at 970.453.5055


Teambuilding Organizations
Teambuilding organizations in Breckenridge present everything from educational workshops to exhilarating challenges with scavenger hunts and personal discovery. Breckenridge organizations inspire connection through outdoor adventures and experiences that cultivate your group’s mind and spirit. Custom-design your program together with the BTO, who will provide a comprehensive listing of teambuilding organizations that specialize in their own area, matching and enhancing your corporate culture. Let us be your guide to establishing a solid team foundation and expanding your team horizons here in Breckenridge. Click the Learn More button for information on teambuilding vendors.

Teambuilding Activities
Breckenridge group activities and interactive challenges range from artistic to athletic and everything in-between. Whether your team is looking for a structured event or wants to get imaginative and try something new, the Breckenridge Tourism Office will be your guide. Backcountry Adventures, NASTAR Ski Races, Scavenger Hunts, Hut Trips, Dog Sledding, Artist Workshops, Horseback Riding and many more collaborative possibilities await in Breckenridge. The BTO will recommend activities that are terrific for teams and even better for the outcome of your company or organization.


E-mail or call us at 970.453.5055 for more Information.



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