Road Biking and Recreation Path

Town of Breckenridge Recreational Path

The Town of Breckenridge is home to a seven-mile section of the Blue River Recreation path, known locally as the “Rec Path,” a paved, mild path that follows the Blue River through town limits and beyond. The Rec Path sits in the shadow of the Ten Mile Range and is open to runners, hikers, dog walkers and bikers of all type. It’s the perfect route for a family cruise.

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Breck: Road Biking Meca

In 2011, the Pro Cycling Challenge laid out its inaugural course throughout Colorado. Breckenridge placed its historical stamp on the stage 5 finish with racers jetting like bolts of lightening up the closed Highway 9 to the Main Street sprint finish and the screaming fans. Ever since, Breckenridge has welcomed the race every year as a host city. Just like that, the secret is out: Breckenridge is a legendary hub for road riders. Huge mountain climbs with breathtaking views are waiting outside of your front door, directly followed by the most thrilling descents with ultimate bragging rights. Check out past USA Pro Cycling Routes for the most challenging rides around Breckenridge.

The Town of Breckenridge Rec Path also provides the gateway to road bike rides all over Summit County and connects to surrounding counties like Eagle County, Grand County and Park County. Perfect for road bike enthusiasts, make sure to take advantage of more than 50+ miles of this perfectly paved, award-winning Recreational Pathway system.

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