Sleigh Rides

Winter sleigh rides are arguably the most nostalgic and vacation-defining adventure that can be added to a Breckenridge itinerary. All of the reasons are right there in the holiday song, Jingle Bells. Imagine “dashing through the snow” in a handcrafted sleigh, pulled by majestic draft horses while cuddled up in a cozy blanket with hot cocoa serving as a hand and stomach warmer. It will be hard not to “laugh all the way” to a rustic dinner, dinner theater or a simple a stroll. Sleigh rides vary from scenic romantic trips for two or a private family experience to large dinner sleigh rides that include a memorable dining experience coupled with entertainment like classical music and performances by "historical characters." This is an activity all members of your party can enjoy, regardless of age or physical ability.

Don’t take our word for it: see a first-hand sleigh ride experience at the Breck Connection: Breckenridge Sleigh Rides, The Most Memorable of Experiences.


For more information on what to do during the winter, contact the Breck Information Specialists at (877) 864-0868. While in town, stop by the Breckenridge Welcome Center at 203 S. Main Street. You can also fill out our activity request form to receive more information or view, download or order the Breck Connection Vacation Planner.

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